Going away party

I really don't understand women who say that they are not themselves after breast surgery..first of all you're still alive ..maybe somewhat altered but you are that same person you were before surgery. I chose not to have reconstruction. Why bother mother nature...I don't want people to feel sorry for me because I'm going to live an awesome life to the very minute of my death...when I feel that I won't be able to enjoy a great party, I want a going away party..come see me while I'm breathing and smiling and telling you how much you mean to me. And people who believe they are fighting the battle against cancer...we are at the mercy of our medical staff...we can only follow directions given for recovery. There's no battle..I am a very realistic person about metastatic cancer...am i ready to leave this earthly home?...no...but I'm not going to be sad...we all have events in our lives that aren't pleasant..my only wish will be to say that people were glad that I was in their life because I needed each and every one of them in my life.

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