Not Just Some Back Pain...

In February of 2019, I woke up in severe back pain. I had been having some issues but this was by far the worst and I could no longer explain it away with excuses that I had worked out too hard or I was just getting older.

Seeking help for my back pain

I went to the doctor and chiropractor seeking help. While the pain did begin to subside I was beginning to feel it in my ribs and sternum as well, one evening as I was feeling where the pain was I noticed a lump in my breast. I went to my OBGYN and even though she assumed it was just from nursing she sent me in for a mammogram just to be safe. It was April 4th by the time I got in and I will never forget that day.

Mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, & a biopsy

I went from the mammogram machine to having an ultrasound, to being pushed onto the schedule that afternoon for a biopsy. The biopsy confirmed what the radiologist knew from the images, it was breast cancer. She began scheduling my appointments to see a surgeon because it was small and what she thought was early. However, a breast MRI revealed it was much worse than she thought. The MRI briefly caught a glimpse of a mass behind my sternum, a PET/CT confirmed cancer had spread throughout my spine, pelvis, femur, as well as a large mass of lymph nodes in my chest.

Learning to thrive with MBC

I was truly blessed by my radiologist because she set up my initial appointments with the surgeon and then oncologist and they have been an amazing team. 12 weeks of IV chemo, two surgeries, daily meds, and continuous infusions every three weeks have brought me to my place of new "normal". My goal is to live life to fullest and cherish every moment I am still here with my kids and husband, yes there are hard days but my faith pulls me through and for now, I'm learning to thrive with MBC.

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