3 year anniversary

October 20 will be my 3 year anniversary of finding out I have metastatic breast cancer. In the beginning, I was so upset because I did the mammograms every year and one month after I had a perfect mammogram I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

Fast forward to today, I still get upset but trying to live that new normal. I have been so lucky to be NED for 2 years. I have been blessed to have such close friendships with my cancer sisters who have lifted my spirits more than I can count. Every day I wake up and make that decision to keep fighting because I know the day will come when it wakes back up.

I fear for my daughters that they will have to go through this someday. We need to tell more people about this disease and get the funding to find a cure.

I struggle with thinking about the future but I'm so blessed to have other brave woman fighting with me!!


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