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Women's Health Awareness Month Quiz

Last updated: May 2022

Women’s Health Awareness Month is recognized every May and this year, we partnered with our sister sites AdvancedOvarianCancer.net and Endometriosis.net to bring you a Women’s Health Awareness Month Quiz.

This is a safe space for you to share your experiences and see how your experiences compare with others!

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I sometimes skip or delay my primary care appointments.

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I first saw a gynecologist at the age of:

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I first received a Pap smear at the age of:

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I have received a mammogram.

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I have been screened for ovarian cancer.

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I feel heard, understood, and comfortable sharing things with my doctor.

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We hope you enjoyed this quiz in honor of Women’s Health Awareness Month. If you have any questions about anything you read or want to learn more information, please feel free to post your questions in our forums section. We’ll be more than happy to direct you to more information.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences! If you are looking to learn more about these topics, read our recent article Women's Health 101.

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