Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day 2021: Meet Our Advocates!

March 3 is recognized as Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and we wanted to honor our advocates who are living with TNBC. Triple-negative breast cancer a type of breast cancer in which cancer cells do not have estrogen or progesterone receptors and also don’t make too much of the protein called HER2.

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) accounts for about 10-15% of all breast cancers. These cancers tend to be more common in women younger than age 40 who are African American, or have a BRCA1 mutation. TNBC can often be more aggressive and more challenging to treat due to more limited treatment options.1

Meet our advocates

Our advocates are the heart of our community, and without them, we would not be able to foster and create a safe space where people can come and feel empowered and supported through their experience with advanced breast cancer. Here are our TNBC advocates:

Danielle Thurston was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at the age of 35.

Claudia Gonzalez was diagnosed with stage IV triple-negative breast cancer in 2018, but since has since been NED.

Melissa Berry was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 42.

Sarah Kelly was diagnosed with stage III triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 36.

Maxine Devereaux is passionate about being a breast cancer advocate after receiving a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis.

Alyson Tischler was diagnosed with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 45.

Janice Cowden was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2016 but since has been NED.

TNBC community experience

We would love to hear more from you in our community. If you have triple-negative breast cancer or have been impacted by TNBC, share your story with us.

For those who are newly diagnosed check out or newly diagnosed forum for topics and questions that are specific for those who have had a recent diagnosis.

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