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Remembering Tori Geib

We are devastated to share that one of our team members Tori Geib passed away on Monday, November 1, 2021. Tori was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer shortly after her 30th birthday in 2016. Tori was a dedicated patient advocate for metastatic breast cancer after her denovo diagnosis and has been a part of our team since our launch in early 2019. She worked tirelessly at the local state and national levels to bring awareness, research, and funding for metastatic breast cancer.

Leaving a legacy

Some of her most impactful writings can be found at the below links:

Living Like an Outlier
A Letter to My Meds
Life with MBC

Click here to read all of Tori's articles on

Join us in remembering and honoring Tori

If you would like to share any memories or stories about Tori, please post on our memory wall or comment below. We’re thinking of Tori’s loved ones as well as the whole MBC community.

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