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It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of!

January 31 marks the 1 year anniversary of! In celebration of 1 year full of meaningful conversations, insightful articles, and one amazing community – we want to share some of the highlights from the past year and give a big thank you to all our members and advocates.

The painful truth

We’ve had some difficult conversations about the harsh realities of advanced breast cancer:

"My personal symptoms include, but are not limited to, memory issues, trouble finding words during conversations (that’s a fun one), shortened attention span and fatigue. The two that bother me the most are not being able to recall words and general memory issues."

"When I was 43, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went in for a routine mammogram. I did not even know that I had a lump there."

"Knowing MBC will rob me of my life with my son. He is only 5 and I'm only 33. I will be on the of the 114 women taken by MBC."

"After years & years of infertility, I finally got my daughter she was only 1 when I got my MBC diagnosis. I’ll never understand any of this!! One thing is for sure I’m a serious fighter & I never give up!

Susan Rahn:I Want a Cure, But I’ll Settle for Chronic

Leah Robert:A Nurse’s Perspective on Ringing the Chemo Bell

April Doyle:The Struggle Is Real

Sarah Kelly:What I Wish I Knew as a New Parent Diagnosed With Breast Cancer"

Words of faith and determination

In this story, Blessings Always, a community member, talks about how faith and spirituality have helped her through some of the most challenging days.

Community Story:My Miracle in Progress Story

Rod Ritchie:Dear Oncologist, This Is What We Need You to Know

Encouragement and support

You’ve also shared words of encouragement and support to others who are dealing with this disease:

"So sorry. Just found out mine has returned to my brain and other areas. I picked today to feed my soul. My prayers are with you. I have had the double mastectomy and reconstruction. Please feel free to contact me. Anytime."

"Praying for you. Keep your chin up!"

Emily Garnett:Finding a Light

Linda Holden:A Caregiver’s Perspective

Julie Lanford:Diet & Nutrition Tips to Help Survive Chemotherapy

Finding reasons to smile

Smiling isn't for everyone, but some of you’ve found reasons to smile despite advanced breast cancer:

"My boyfriend of 2 weeks. He didn’t walk away. We were engaged 6 months later and have been married for 2.5 years now."

“Don’t dwell on it. You will miss too much. Live for each and every moment.”

Tori Geib:Life with MBC

Linda C:The Healing Power of Music, Meditation & Movement

In solidarity

No matter where you are in your fight against advanced breast cancer, you’ve stood together:

"Isn’t that what community really is!? In a community, no one is alone."

"23 years...that's amazing! By the end of the 21 days, I'm so thankful for a week off. 23 years - I hope I have strength!"

"I have stage 4 breast cancer w bone mets and I love hearing the bell ring. I remember many years ago when I rang the bell. The moment your treatment is over is to be celebrated and I celebrate with each person that rings the bell as I sit in the infusion room for my 7th year."

Maxine Devereaux:First 24

Abigail Johnston:Why Advocacy?

Rebecca Timlin-Scalera:Why Is Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Important?

A letter to our beloved community

Dear Community,

It’s hard to believe (aka, ABC) began just one year ago. As the site managers for ABC, we’ve seen this group grow above and beyond what we alone could ever provide. For that, we thank our community members and our team of authors and moderators, who give a voice to what it’s like to live with an advanced breast cancer diagnosis.

If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that all of you who are living with advanced breast cancer or have been impacted by advanced breast cancer are ready, willing, and able to be advocates for one another, given an opportunity. Your voices of experience send the message to others that they’re not alone. The community said it best: "These are my people, they get me and I get them. We are family!"

Thank you for an incredible year one!

Your Site Managers,
Laura + Amani

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