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As part of our community member interview series on AdvancedBreastCancer.net, we had the honor of interviewing Lynn Reublinger. She was diagnosed with HR positive, HER2 negative and tells us a little about why finding online support is so important to her and others.

How & when were you diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer?

I was diagnosed in March 2017 with de novo metastatic breast cancer (MBC). I have estrogen-driven cancer that is HR (hormone receptor) positive, HER2 negative.

It all started with back pain that I thought had been caused by a car accident I was involved in a few months prior. I also had a swollen and redbreast and I was super confused as to what my back had to do with possible breast cancer!? I hobbled over to get my biopsy results with plans to head over to the ER for my back. At that time, I still had no idea they were related. After getting my MRI, it was confirmed that there were tumors in my back as well as fractured ribs. After traveling all over the city getting pet scans and MRIs, I was diagnosed with MBC. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes, bones (entire spine, sacrum, ribs), and liver.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone who is newly diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer?

My advice to someone who has been newly diagnosed is that MBC is NOT a life sentence. The first immediate thought is that you are going to die. There are so many new discoveries that people, including myself, are living life longer and longer with MBC as a chronic illness. This is not the time to give in and let the disease take over you. This is the time to make life changes in your health and lifestyle.

The BIGGEST piece of advice ever would be to keep moving! No matter how much you feel like you want to stay in bed, make a point to move at least once a day. Even if it means walking outside and immediately back in; do what you can do. Yoga 4 cancer is an organization that changed my life! I still take their free classes every Tuesday. They help to ease the symptoms of the disease and side effects from treatments in a supportive and friendly environment. It was then that I realized that I am able to use my body again even though it sometimes does not feel like my body is still my own.

What's your favorite part about AdvancedBreastCancer.net? How has online support helped you?

This is just one example of how a community can be a big help in finding out about free resources. Another great thing about communities such as AdvancedBreastCancer.net is getting to hear other women's stories, I don't feel so alone with the disease. It can be extremely overwhelming with so many important details and information overload that your head just starts spinning. On the Advancedbreastcancer.net website, you can find answers to many of those questions. Being involved in a community makes life with a lifelong disease seem a little more manageable and I am so thankful for finding it.

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