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Meditation...It's Not Hokus-Pokus

Before breast cancer, I thought meditation was just a bunch of hokus-pokus. Sit down for more than 10 minutes and just let your mind go? Why would I do that? No way. I didn’t have that kind of time. Everyone processes their breast cancer experience differently. I went into warrior mode. Made lots of lists. I had to make sure I didn’t drop the ball in my personal or professional life as I prepared for surgery, chemo, and more surgery. Oh yeah and recovery.

Who has time for meditation?

A dear friend of mine called me one morning in the midst of it all and asked if I would like to join her for a morning meditation in a local café. I almost hung up on her. Not only was I in the middle of figuring out my treatment and juggling doctor appointments with work and the kids, but I was also in a complete state of feeling overwhelmed. What made her think I had the time to just sit and do nothing for 45 minutes?

Letting go of my thoughts

She convinced me that I needed to give my mind a break. An escape. So I figured I might as well give it a shot. We met at this really cool café and sat down on these funky cushions. So far so good. She put on Wayne Dyer’s "Moses Code". It was one of the strangest but most peaceful sounds I’ve ever heard. I continued to keep an open mind. And just let my thoughts go. One by one, I just watched them float away as I listened to the soothing music and words of this iconic individual.

All you need is 5 minutes

From that moment I was hooked! Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t meditate every single day. I really should, and I do try but it doesn’t always happen. But this introduction turned me on to…turning off! No matter how crazy things get, I know that I have a tool. Meditation. You can do it in your car, in your office, pretty much anywhere. And sometimes all you need is 5 minutes.

Quarantine is an ideal time to start

Especially now that we're in quarantine mode and our anxiety is running's a great time to try find a quiet space in your home to meditate. All you really need is your phone, earphones, a great app like Insight Timer or even YouTube...there are so many different options to choose from. Use a cushion or meditation pillow, and personally I love lots of candles. See what works best for you in terms of what time of day you enjoy your meditation.

Meditation can happen any time of day

Some of us like to do it the moment we wake up, some enjoy it in the middle of the workday to relieve stress and regain focus, while others enjoy it right before going to sleep. You choose, but no matter what, you won't regret taking even 5 minutes to clear your mind. Namaste!

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