A woman flinches as a snake wraps itself around her neck

Name That Anxiety

Poetry? Nah, not really my style. But one day, after cat-sitting for a full week for my daughter's cat, this thought about my anxiety started buzzing around my brain. My anxiety was like my daughter's cat (who is sweet, so, no offense, Molly, you cute, adorable feline). Soon I thought of other animals that also reminded me of my anxiety, which after my cancer diagnosis and treatment, became wild and almost unmanageable; only to be fiercely ratcheted up even more by the pandemic. So, here goes:

Name that anxiety

  • My anxiety is a cat. Sneaks up on me. Never quite sure when it will show up.
  • My anxiety is sometimes a bat flitting and darting around my head, annoying me.
  • My anxiety is a hyena. Hunting me down for miles until I’m exhausted, then sinking its teeth in.
  • My anxiety is a snake. Coiling up around my throat trying to choke me.

I need animal control.

Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, what animals remind you of your anxiety? Share with us!

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