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Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best

Living in the country's hurricane capital and watching a severe hurricane on T.V. coming towards my state has me thinking about a few things, like how unpredictable life is, especially for someone with advanced breast cancer.

I am thinking about how things can change instantly, and we must be prepared. That does not mean you should live life worried about every possible thing that can go wrong. It means preparing for the worst but hoping for the best possible outcome.

Prepping for a weather emergency

Since I experienced a possible major storm hitting my city, I will start with how to prepare for a storm, tornado, or flood while living with stage 4 breast cancer.

It can be scary to think about losing power during a storm and being without some things that are a necessity. My biggest fear is a medical emergency during the storm and the inability to get help. So how can we prepare for storms, tornados, or flood situations?

  1. Make sure you refill all your medications and have at least a two-week supply. Store all your medications and any medical forms you feel are essential in a waterproof safe or container.
  2. Charge all electronics to 100% in case you lose power. You may need to call for an ambulance once the storm passes.
  3. Have all necessary documents safely tucked away, with any essential pictures and anything else you do not want to get wet or destroyed.
  4. If you are on any medical devices, have them set up with backup and ready to go.
  5. Go to a medical shelter if they have one in the area, especially if you will be alone.

These are just a few suggestions for facing a storm and being prepared while dealing with a terminal disease.

Thinking positively

Preparing for scans, tests, and the other realities of cancer. We all know we expect the worst when it comes to scans and test results. That needs to change. We need to be prepared but keep hope that all will be okay. The mind is tricky to control, but it can be done.

Firstly, think positively. I know it's easier said than done. Instead of saying, I know the results will be wrong, say to yourself, these results will be good. BUT prepare for the worst. How will you react to "bad" scan results or tests? Be prepared. Talk to your oncologist about the next steps in the journey. Will there be a new medication or immunotherapy? If there is a new medication possibly in the future, do your research.

Google or talk to others going through the same thing and get some reassurance and information from them. Social media is the best for that because many groups of women and men are going through the same things, and it can be a considerable comfort.

One of the most complex parts of living with advanced breast cancer is staying positive in our situation. Though it can be done, being prepared can ease anxiety and worry.

In what ways do you prepare for the worst but hope for the best?

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