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Helpful Gifts (Or Buy For Yourself) During Treatment

A family member recently started an aggressive combination of chemotherapies. She was overwhelmed with her diagnosis, the treatment plan, and keeping loved ones informed.

While I have not undergone chemotherapy treatment (yet), I have learned from friends who have items they found very helpful to them. So I’ve compiled a list I keep using for gift-giving care packages and for when my turn comes. Here are a few that seemed to resonate the most.

Cozy items

A fluffy blanket to wrap up in is at the top of the list. Another item is soft non-slip socks for around the house instead of slippers and a sleep mask for days a  nap is needed. Finally, a sleep mask recommendation that helps with headaches/migraines. It’s a cap that resembles a winter hat that you can pull over your eyes.


It’s not uncommon to experience pain, numbness, or tingling in your hands and feet. A friend raves about cold socks and gloves (which also can work with heat).


It’s always a good idea to have something on hand in addition to prescribed medications. I’m not a fan of ginger; however, it can be very effective. Lozenges or tea are popular options. If you cannot bear to ingest anything, a nasal aromatherapy stick works too.

Skin and lips

Dry, sensitive skin and chapped lips need extra care. Skin exposed to radiation can be raw, and creams/lotions with perfume may add to the irritation. Organic options can be very soothing.

Gift cards

A friend always had a few gift cards for food/drinks. GrubHub, UberEats, Visa gift cards, and iTunes/Google Play are just a few examples.


Some other random items are water bottles to keep hydrated. Having one always ready to go is helpful. Also, head coverings like scarves or beanies should be a side effect be hair loss. Lastly, adult coloring books might improve sleep and fatigue and decrease anxiety for some people.


Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. A heartfelt card with a personal message will always be appreciated. Offering to baby-sit, do laundry or even clean is an invaluable gift from the heart.

Hopefully, these items are helpful to you or someone you know who may appreciate them. These are also great items to include in care packages.

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