Be Still and Know - Finding Peace

Have you ever been tired? Not the kind of tired from a long day at work where you need to sit down take your shoes off and rest - the kind of tired that you feel in your soul. The kind of tired where it feels as if breathing is even a task. The kind of tired where your willingness to even debate with others has fled.


Lately, I’ve found myself being that kind of tired. Everything takes energy that I don’t seem to have. Even having conversations with others has become extremely exhausting. I’m finding myself just letting things go, things that once would have caused me to fight tooth and nail just to be heard, to have my point of view imprinted in the minds and hearts of others. Now I find myself in a place where fighting to be heard isn’t my main objective. Having peace is.

With all that’s going on in the world right now, I’ve seen many struggle to find that peace that surpasses man’s understanding. Mostly everyone is angry, crying, fearful, or losing hope and at their wit’s end trying to figure out their next move.

For a brief second, I too was caught up in the rage, the pain, and the fear of everything beyond my control. And then I became silent. I stopped allowing my emotions to hemorrhage all over my social media platforms. I simply became silent.


Each morning after I prayed, I was given various scriptures. The one that has been like hot tea and a warm blanket in the winter is Be Still and Know that I Am with God. The being still and knowing has been the greatest source of comfort for me during this season of silence.

Though I am silent, I have by no means become mute. I do say something when I feel as if what I need to say won’t fall on deaf ears.

I’ve noticed that "silent" and "listen" both have the same letters. While I pride myself on being a good listener, I now realize the difference between listening to really hear what the other person is trying to say and listening to respond. A lot can be learned when one is silent.


There are times in silence when we can calm the rage within. If we sit still long enough we can experience each emotional phase that we might be going through, and we can assess each emotion with clarity and a sound mind. By doing this, nine times out of ten, we can save ourselves from a lot of unwarranted trouble.

So, what I want for the world right now is simple, four words to be exact: BE STILL AND KNOW. 

How are you coping?

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