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You Gave Me Life!

Last updated: May 2022

Cancer you are a coward, you sneak in like a burglar in the night. Your hope is to steal our thoughts, our joy, and eventually our life.

Looking for meaning

I did not understand a few weeks ago when I drew the word "life" for 2021. I was kind of disappointed. I REALIZED IT WAS A BLESSING. It made me dig deep and look for meaning. Today, peace fell over me as I realized you gave me life. I am not fighting you; I am trying to live HUMBLY.

You made me aware of all of my blessings, you revealed my true friends, allowed me to feel the wind and hear the different types of laughter. You showed me my support system. I have tried for 7 years to forget you, not discuss you, and to try to be everything you are not.

Finding myself after cancer

I realized; you have made me find myself. You made me want to spend alone time with me. Wanting everything you are not, I have learned to live intentionally and be present in the moment. To be aware! HAVE JOY! Discover peace. I have met so many amazing people because of you.

I avoid drama and negativity. I look for the joy in the journey. I have become the best version of myself despite you. I will acknowledge all of the changes you brought into my life; however, I will never claim you.

Living MY Inspired LIFE!

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