Join Us for Some Self-Care Activities for Our MBC Community (2 Facebook Live Events!)

We know that October and Breast Cancer Awareness month can be difficult for those that are living with late-stage breast cancer as typically this month is geared towards awareness and support activities for early-stage breast cancer. This year we want to ensure we are providing some activities that are specifically focused on helping support you and helping you take care of yourself this month. To this end, we are focusing on a number of our initiatives in October around caring and supporting our advanced or metastatic community.

Metastatic breast cancer is different

We know metastatic breast cancer is a different type of breast cancer. In October we are offering 2 Facebook live events - one meditation session and one yoga session.

Self-care sessions

Meditation session: Thursday, October 8 (11 am - 12 pm Eastern) - click below to register and check out the event!

Gentle flow yoga session: Wednesday, October 21 (12 pm - 1 pm Eastern) - click the link below to register and check out the event!

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