Faith, Spirituality, and Advanced Breast Cancer

Last updated: January 2020

When it comes to living with advanced breast cancer, people rely on different things to help guide them through their daily struggles. Some people in the community have mentioned that their faith or spirituality is the main reason they are able to get through a difficult treatment or cope with the challenges of their advanced breast cancer diagnosis. Others have mentioned that they do not identify as being a faithful or spiritual person. Take the polls below to share if faith has been a helpful tool for you.

Where do you find strength?

The challenges that come with breast cancer can be scary to face alone. Some people find strength from their loved ones, their fellow breast cancer patients, or their faith.

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What gives you the most strength?

Faith guiding you through diagnosis

Faith can not only help people find strength and hope in difficult times, but faith can also help people navigate other areas of their advanced breast cancer diagnosis.

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Has faith/spirituality helped you cope with your diagnosis?

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Has your faith/spirituality changed since your diagnosis?

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Does your help faith/spirituality guide your healthcare decision making?

Accepting prayers from others

Offering prayers is one way people show support, but not everyone identifies as a faithful or spiritual person.

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How do you feel when someone offers to pray for you?

Faith and advanced breast cancer

How has your faith or spirituality guided and supported you through your experience with advanced breast cancer? Share your story in the comments.

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Have you ever changed your treatment regimen because you were experiencing side effects?