How Does Your Diagnosis Journey Compare?

While each person with advanced breast cancer has a different diagnosis story, there are many similarities that connect our community. Find out how your experience fits in with others or where your stories diverge! Vote in the polls below about your diagnosis journey.


Which word, if any, best describes your reaction to being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer?

There are several risk factors that have been identified as characteristics that can potentially increase a person’s likelihood of developing breast cancer. Risk factors do not necessarily cause breast cancer, however, and some people with identified risk factors never develop breast cancer. In other cases, an individual that is diagnosed may have no known risk factors.


Did your diagnosis surprise you?


Were you ever misdiagnosed before being diagnosed with breast cancer?

Telling others about a cancer diagnosis can almost be tougher than hearing it from the doctor! Some may choose to keep it a secret, while others find that sharing the news with others helps them get the support they need. Tell us about your experience.


Who was the first person you told about your advanced breast cancer diagnosis?


How was it telling others about your advanced breast cancer diagnosis?


How supportive were your loved ones after hearing your advanced breast cancer diagnosis?

Thanks for voting! Have more to share? Please submit your own personal story about advanced breast cancer here, and check back often to read about how others are living with advanced breast cancer and help them feel less alone. We hope that these stories become a source of inspiration and support for our community.

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