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How To Start A Blog About Your Cancer Experience

I'm asked all the time, "How do I start a blog about my cancer story?" So here's a crash course! The funny thing is that I didn't even mean to start a blog. I founded Cancer Fashionista out of my own frustration for the lack of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle resources out there after my cancer diagnosis.

Getting started

It began with a list of products that I loved and shared with others. Then I thought it would simply be easier to share my resource list on a blog for everyone to be able to access at their convenience and share with others, and so on.

Getting started

So first think about your "why." Why would you like to start a blog about your cancer experience? It could be that you simply need a place to share your thoughts and feelings as part of your healing process. In turn, this will help others with your knowledge and will also serve as a reminder that they are not alone.

Finding your niche

Secondly, determine what your niche or category is. It's always easier to build an audience and separate yourself from the rest by defining your focus. Are you offering fashion and beauty advice? Maybe you're into the whole Zen thing and want to start a blog about the importance of incorporating meditation and yoga into your life? Are you a foodie at heart? Then maybe you want to focus your blog on nutritious yet delicious recipes that you and your family enjoy?

Start with three word docs

Once you've determined your "why" and your focus, just start writing! Simply begin with three simple Word documents. The first should reveal who you are, where you're from, what kind of cancer you had/have, what your treatment was like, as well as introduce the name of your blog and what the focus is. Include a few photos of yourself as well as some that relate to your focus, they really help to illustrate your story and keep the reader interested in learning more.

Topic ideas

For your second document, dive right into one of your favorite topics. Chances are, if you're excited about it then your audience will be too! If it's food, maybe there's a delicious broth that you couldn't live without during chemo. If it's beauty, go right ahead and let us know what your beauty routine is all about. and so on. For your third document, remind the audience who you are and select another one of your favorite topics. The most important tip? Be yourself and just let it flow! Being authentic is key.

Sharing your experience

If you feel ready to share your blog post entries with the world, then take a look around for a blog building tool such as Wix or WordPress. They offer tons of templates and are not expensive as well as user-friendly. Think about a fun, catchy, and unique name for your blog and even consider creating a logo for it. Maybe you have a friend who is a graphic designer? There are also great freelancers out there who can create your logo for a very affordable price.

Content calendar

Last but not least, create a content calendar. Determine how often you'd like to post your blog and make sure you set up a schedule and plan your topics ahead of time so it's fun...and not stressful. To take it one step further, go ahead and share each of your blog posts on your social media platforms so you can reach your entire network with your unique, inspiring, and strong voice.

Don't forget to have fun with your newly launched blog. It's a wonderful outlet and can be a great way to help you heal, as well as inspire others. Good luck, and can't wait to see what you'll do!

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