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Advanced Breast Cancer Awareness Month Recap

Our work as advocates does not end with October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will continue to connect people who are affected by metastatic and advanced breast cancer, share stories from community members, share facts and dispel myths, and provide current information that will benefit the AdvancedBreastCancer.net community!

Advanced breast cancer myths and facts

Taking a look back at Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we dispelled a myth every Monday and shared a fact every Friday. Here are a few of our top viewed posts:

Myth 1: Metastatic breast cancer is curable.

Myth 2: Men can't develop breast cancer.

Fact 1: ~30% of people with breast cancer will develop MBC.

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Continue to support one another

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation and community this month. Let’s continue this discussion and support one another all year long!

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