A woman with clouds over her head and eyes with text saying The Emotional Toll of Advanced Breast Cancer, and where our community goes to receive support

In America Survey: What Does the Community Have to Say?

An advanced breast cancer diagnosis can come as a shock. Many people quickly jump online to research the ins and outs of advanced breast cancer but have trouble finding reliable information and connecting with others, and sharing experiences.

The 3rd annual Advanced Breast Cancer In America survey was conducted between January and April of 2022, where 486 participants answered questions related to addressing diagnosis, quality of life and relationships, symptoms & symptom management, other health conditions, health care professional engagement, along with treatment usage, awareness, and personal experiences. In this infographic, we want to discuss overarching themes that resonate with the community overall.

Course of treatment and coping with side effects

Most respondents have had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy and are now on a hormone, targeted therapy, and/or immunotherapy; side effects can be difficult to manage and add to treatment burden. Check out different articles on side effect management.

More than 40% of respondentsare on their third/later line of treatment and are coping well with side effects; 92% have used medications to prevent side effects.

Impact on quality of life

For those living with advanced breast cancer, symptoms and side effects can have a significant impact on their current quality of life, but many of them express optimism and hope for the long term.

More than 50% of respondants feel optimistic and will continue making long-term plans; 30% are satisfied with current quality of life.

Would you share your story of how advanced breast cancer has impacted your quality of life?

Seeking additional information

Most people who are searching for information are focused on the latest research, what new treatments and clinical trials are out there, and hearing about the prognosis and outlook of others living with advanced breast cancer. For more information on clinical trials, click here.

Most people searching about advanced breast cancer treatments seek information about side effects, long-term effects of treatments, latest research/new treatments.

The 3rd Advanced Breast Cancer In America Survey was conducted online from January 2022 through April 2022. The survey was completed by 486 people.

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