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What is your experience with Ibrance?

Hi friends!

I am currently on Ibrance as my line of treatment. I thought I would start a thread talking about it here if anyone wants to chat.

I’ve been on Ibrance for about 2 years, and I have pretty minimal side effects. I would say my most annoying one is nausea. It’s pretty tough in the morning, but I am a medical marijuana patient, and that helps a lot.

The main side effect that folks talk about is the low white blood cell count. That one is tough because it messes with our immune system, making it difficult to do much outside of the home. I have to take a lot of precautions, and people that visit me take a lot of precautions as well.

Anyway, is anyone else on Ibrance? What is your experience?

My next line might be Piqray- but I haven’t gotten there yet. If anyone has experience with that as well, comment below!! 🫶🏻

  1. I’m also on it, two years next month. My side effects are brittle nails, exhaustion and achy bones in the third week. White counts go down too so I sometimes have to take another week off for it. But am still at full dosage. I’ve stayed masked and avoided social situations but am now deciding to take more “risks” and live a bit. I ended up in the hospital for two days when I couldn’t kick a virus so that’s real. Quality of life is good but I’m grateful I’m retired and don’t have pressing demands.

    1. I’m also grateful I am retired and have been on Ibrance for 18 months. A lot of problems with low wbc and having to be treated with Xargio whenever it gets below 2. Side effects of Xargio are difficult, headache, high pulse and high blood pressure. Otherwise, I have not had many other issues with Ibrance except thinning hair and fatigue.
      I find ginger is really helpful with nausea. Gin Gins candy are great!
      Does anyone have issues with insomnia?
      Wish I could get a good night’s sleep.

    2. insomnia is a tricky one! I have a hard time with insomnia with aromatase inhibitors as well.

      Those gin gin candies are lifesavers though, for real! ❤️

  2. I am on it. Hair thinning. Taking omeprazole for the vomiting. But my scans have been good and wbc okay.

    1. my hair thinned a lot too!!! I’m so sorry about the vomiting. That has to be the worst side effect. Nausea is so hard to handle sometimes.

      Are you able to get medical marijuana where you are? That helps my nausea a lot.

      Sending you love, friend!

  3. I've been on Ibrance125 since last August. I had nausea the first two months & learned that taking it before bed with 2 Tums helped. Other than that, I have very low WBC's & thinning hair. I've landed in the hospital twice with low blood pressure & dehydration, 3 days each time. But I survived Covid at home! Since I got Covid, in spite of my precautions, I've loosened up & learned to live a little, going out to dinner, etc. Prayers for all of you. 🙏

    1. I haven’t heard of taking Ibrance with two tums before! That’s a good trick.

      I’m glad you survived Covid, friend! Taking those risks sometimes are necessary, especially when it comes to living just a little bit. ❤️

  4. Ive been NEAD 6.5yrs on 125mg Ibrance. However, i’m only able to stay on at that maximum dose cuz i go off it when my tumor markers decrease and go back on when they increase. So far, it’s been a pretty consistent 6 months on, 6 months off cycle. At the end of 6 months so much of my blood work is “in the red” I’d have to down dose if my tumor markers didn’t soon thereafter start to decrease. Labs even show stage/grade 3 kidney failure. But 6 weeks off Ibrance and all blood work is normal. To me side effects are mostly due to Aromatase Inhibitor (Letrozole) because the only symptom change when i’m on Ibrance is additional fatigue due to medicine induced anemia. The combo side effects: hair loss, brittle nails, messed up labs. Labs return to “normal” when only on letrozole.

    1. 6.5 years that is impressive!!!

      That’s really awesome how in tune with your body you are to be able to cycle like that. I definitely want to look more into this especially if my scans continue to show stability.

      Thanks for sharing here, friend!

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