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What has your experience with Faslodex® (fulvestrant) been like?

What has your experience with Faslodex® (fulvestrant) been like? What side effects did you encounter? Did you find the injections to be painful? Help others by sharing your experience!

  1. I was in the Fassy-Sassy club for over 4 years! The odor of my urine for a day or two post injections was similar to a kitty litter box! But (butt?) it was never really painful.

    1. OKAYYYYY sassy fassy! I love it!

      My doc thought I was crazy when I brought up the output smell! I’m glad I’m not alone. It wasn’t painful for you though?! I’m envious ❤️

  2. I’ve been on Faslodex since 2018. I’ve changed oncologists three times. Each nurse administered the shots with different care. From the beginning I’ve had freeze spray administered, which helps with the pain of that long needle. That’s my best advice: Freeze spray before the injection!

    1. ooooo freeze spray! That is such a good suggestion. I didn’t even know that was an option!

  3. I agree with all the other comments above. When I get my shots, my nurses warm the stuff up with one of those heating packs you put in the microwave. I stand at the corner of the exam table, feet pointed inward and take the weight off of my leg getting the shot. Immediately after shot, the Nurse does deep massage to shot muscle area for 30 seconds or so. Hope this helps.

    1. a deep massage! That sounds nice!!!! I have such a hard time standing but I hear it’s the best way to do it. I get fainty 😭

  4. I started Faslodex in 2/2022.
    First: warming these up Helps!! The warmer it is, the easier it goes in & if warm, I have no pain, just feel a little pressure. Sometimes i feel nothing.
    2nd: I put all my wt on opposite side of the cheek that’s getting stuck.
    3rd: I or my nurse massages the 1 cheek 30-60 sec b4 going to other side.
    When I get home, I hit both areas with a msg gun I have for trigger point therapy. I also use a round msg that looks like a small car buffer.. I use those a few times a day for the first 3 days.

    I have fatigue & some joint pain. Dr says not from shot but no explanation as I’m on no other meds.
    4/2022 I got over heated. I’m sensitive anyways but damn this was Fast & my body just couldn’t recover. I had 4 units of fluids over 5 days to try & help. Labs wasn’t showing I was dehydrated though. I thought that I might die based on how I felt. I was sleeping 16-18 hrs a day & just “didn’t feel good”. No pain & nothing I could specifically complain about. I was in a wheelchair anytime I went out as I was just too weak. I skipped April shot.
    I didn’t begin to feel better until late Aug. & by mid Oct I was 75% better. Was only sleeping 8-9 hrs & had energy when I was awake to live life.
    I skipped April & Oct shot.
    Dec 2022 neuropathy returned. Uggg but feeling better even so. Dec CT scan still showed stable.
    I skipped Jan injection due to ins issue.

    Feb 2023…. Before the nurse got the 1st needle out of my butt I was in full bronchial spasms & wheezing. They treated me for allergic reaction; Benadryl, Solumedrol & Pepcid IV push threw my port. Albuterol inhaller. It calmed it down but I was still struggling to breathe. ER I went. Breathing treatment in er.
    3 hrs later all meds repeated. CT done to RO a PE being cause & not allergy. CT clear for PE but lymph nodes in mediastinal area lit up. Dr not concerned. I am as they’ve never lit up under contrast before. Will repeat CT in March.
    Dr doesn’t know why I reacted. He says not allergic reaction to shot.
    Had several other times. Didn’t get hives or a rash. Other than 2nd round of meds in ER, I was ok. He says that because “long acting” shot, if it was shot it would have continued to cause breathing issues.

    I get another “round” next week.
    Will see if I react to it or not.
    I’m 95% sure I am going to. If I do, that’ll be my last shot.
    My options aren’t many. 2 chemotherapy options. I’m not sure which 2.
    Faslodex is my 6 or 7th line since 9/2020

    1. I’ve been absent as well…

      I have continued with my shots. I still hate them with a passion but I’ve accepted that I gotta do them. Honestly I’d hate any & all meds cancer related. Just as I hate cancer!!

      So far so good on scans. Still stable. Next scan sept or Oct.

      Hope you are doing well too

    2. Hey, thanks for the update, friend! I'm so glad to hear your scans were good. I too, hate cancer so much! The drugs and side effects can be so much sometimes.
      My scans will be in September too! So far so good- just needed a little radiation, and hopefully my next scans will be unremarkable.

      Sending you love, and update us if you get a chance after your scans!
      -Steph (team member)

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