Kate Crawford

”AdvancedKate lives south of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband Steve, twin daughters, and son. Kate shares openly about her struggles with life & motherhood - from grieving the loss of her first daughter, to facing a terminal diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer at 28 and all the fun and chaotic mommy moments in between. Her Blog, the “Mommy Bucket List”, she, her kids, and husband work on checking things off the list which has been published across the country in various news outlets.

Kate has a genetic mutation that causes a variety of cancers, known as Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. She has been in treatment for 8 years and has had over 125 treatments, numerous surgeries, and complications. She suffers from cardiomyopathy as a resulting her extensive treatment. Kate is currently finishing her business degree and is the co-founder and marketing coordinator of the non-profit, Project Sweet Peas.

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